Floods are a natural phenomenon. They are also extremely unusual where I live, particularly as we have been in drought conditions now for months.

Well, this afternoon we had a spectacular (and fast) thunderstorm in the middle of the day. Lightning, torrential rain, and the result – flooding. I had a particularly good vantage point from my balcony. Here is a photo taken shortly after the storm had passed, and the sun re-emerged.

Summer storms are gorgeous – so long as you aren’t caught up in them. Up until the storm, the air was steamy and almost becoming unbearable. Take a look at some of the other photos I managed to get. It’s funny what people find to do after a storm – especially when they are a novelty…

Here is a father and son duo taking advantage of the flood – blowing up the inflatable rowboat and heading out to see what they can find.

Ordinarily, where they are paddling is a grassy, green park. But, not this afternoon! This newly discovered ‘lake’ is only 5km from the center of Brisbane, Australia. With a population pushing 2 million, this is not something you see every day – particularly not in the suburbs! Taking advantage of the great outdoors is what Australians are great at, so this image was not at all surprising.

Fast forward three hours, and this is what you’d have found – the water nearly all is gone, and all semblance of a makeshift lake disappeared. It certainly livened up my afternoon!

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